So I'm guessing you have also heard the current hysteria surrounding Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.
You have also heard the stories of the thousands of people who have literally become millionaires from Crypto Currencies.
And quite rightly I'm sure you are wondering...


Even better... How can you get in with a low investment?
I am delighted to tell you that despite the rising price of Bitcoin and against popular belief, you do not need thousands of dollars to benefit immensely from Crypto Currencies.

Do you want to know how I took $100 and spun it to $36,931.48 in less than 30 days?

Yes I am sure that you do...

But before we get to that, let me show you the insane power of building wealth via crypto currencies.

Yes everything you have seen above is real and simply demonstrates the awesome power of crypto currencies.

The crazy thing is....

We are only at the beginning of this incredible journey, this has the potential to explode even bigger, especially once it goes mainstream.

As more and more companies are started to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, the room for growth is insane.

Heck even McDonalds have recently stated that they are going to start accepting them.

Many people have written of Bitcoin but it is here to stay.

The key is to get in before it goes mainstream.

So the big question is... How can you benefit from this latest craze?

I'm going to assume that your knowledge of Crypto Currencies is very basic, but yet it is something that you are constantly hearing about lately, on the news, in the cafeteria, at work or wherever.

People are talking about Bitcoin.

Which makes sense considering the insane growth it has made.

You simply should not be the one missing out.

In fact... You cannot afford to miss out.

And after today.... You no longer need to.

How many times have you wished you was alive when the Californian gold rush existed? Or have you ever wished that you discovered an oil well in your back yard one day.

Well my friend.

Bitcoin is that new Gold Rush, Crypto Currencies are the oil well you never discovered, and the best news is... You do NOT need to move to California to go panning for gold, and you do not even need to own a back yard.

You could build your own wealth from the comfort of your own home.

You just need the knowledge.

Did you know that in 2010, 1 Bitcoin was worth $0.39 cents at its peak.
Then in December 2017 that same coin was worth a whopping $19,301.

Yes you read that correctly.

So this means that if you invested even $39 in Bitcoin in 2010, just 7 years later that same $39 would know be worth... Wait for it... $1,930,100

The crazy thing is, the experts expect Bitcoin to hit $50,000 within the next 18 months.
Then expect more growth year after year.

There is even talk of 1 coin eventually being worth $1million one day.

The growth potential unlike regular currencies is astronomical...
Maybe you have heard of the Winklevoss twins?

These are the 2 brothers who sued Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing the idea of Facebook from them.

Of course, these guys are very wealthy, but they hedged an $11million dollar investment into Bitcoin just 4 years ago. The end result is that their investment is now worth more than $1billion.

Again all through the power of Bitcoin.

You do not need to be a millionaire to invest in Bitcoin, as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to show you exactly how I took $100 and turned it to over $36,000 via crypto currencies, and it was even easier than you could imagine.

For the record, Bitcoin is not the only currency of this type capable of such exponential growth, and I plan to show you all of them... Especially the ones that are completely under the radar.

I've been so excited to tell you all this that I almost forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Brian Hawkins, I am from England, well the South of England to be precise, in a small town just 60 miles from London.

I am 43 years of age, and married to an amazing woman who I share a beautiful daughter with.

Would it shock you to know that I am a plumber by trade, and had zero previous knowledge of trading or investing whatsoever.

In fact, I sucked at Maths in school and never even passed the subject.

That's probably the reason I ended up plumbing for a living.

Which I am not complaining about whatsoever, as my job was the reason I am in the amazing position today that I am.

You're maybe wondering exactly what position that is?

Check this out.

If you do the math and the conversions that is almost $8million earned in just over 3 years from Crypto currencies

This is not a hobby to me... I use Crypto Currencies to make a fortune.

Simply put... These days I'm a rich man... I like to think a very rich man. And I have Bitcoin and the other Crypto currencies to thank for that.

All of the money I have just shown you, has been generated 100% via Crypto Currency trading.

Now it is important that I point this out to you.

Now even if you do have experience of Crypto currencies, then I assure you that you are about to learn some things you had no idea about.

I am not here to promise you that you will earn $1million overnight and any person that does, I advise that you run 100 miles away from.

Firstly I have no idea of your work ethic, I have no idea of your income, and lastly I have no idea how ambitious you are.

But I will show you EXACTLY how I have made millions of dollars from Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

I will show you exactly how I took $100 to more than $36,931.48 within less than 30 days.

I have also helped many others achieve the same kind of results.

So how did a regular guy like me who was fixing toilets and sinks for a living come across such an incredible opportunity like this?

Well this takes me back to what I was saying about my profession being responsible for where I am today.

I first came across Bitcoin when I was called out to a job at a University halls of residence about 3 years ago.

A student had blocked his drain which caused his sink to overflow every time he wanted to leave the tap running.

I handed him the invoice for the job and he cheekily asked me can he pay me with Bitcoin.

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I replied to his humour by telling him my preferred method of payment was fairy dust.

He laughed and explained that he was serious, and asked me if I had a Bitcoin wallet, because he could pay me instantly and I would thank him for it.

I was totally confused and assumed he was trying to get out of paying his bill, he was using words I had never heard of before and it seemed like he was taking me for a ride.

I was slowly losing patience and told him that if he can just settle his bill with cash or a credit card, then I would be on my way and he can go back to brushing his teeth stress free.

He told me that I seemed like a great person and he really appreciated my help with the sink and if I gave him just 15 minutes of my time to show me why I should take Bitcoin instead of cash, then he would pay me an extra 50% on top of my fee if I felt he had wasted my time.

Well firstly, I didn't have any more jobs that day and there was something about the smug look he had on his face that intrigued me.

Not only did he look like a cliché nerd, like Boris out of the James Bond movies but he also had a real smug look on his face... It was the kind of know-it-all look that the smartest kid in my class used to have back in school.

With my interest level at an all-time high, I agreed to let him show me what the hell he was talking about.

He led me to his bank of computer screens then went on to show me the most amazing presentation I have ever seen in my life.

He told me about the whole concept of Bitcoin, how it works, where it came from and more importantly how much money he has earned with it.

15 minutes turned into 2 hours.

I was gob smacked and he was so enthusiastic, he just couldn't stop showing me how smart he was.

I have to hand it to him... this guy was an IT whizz kid... A complete genius.

He was earning an average of $9000 a week, and the only reason he was still in University was because of the pressure from his parents to see him get a degree.

But I'm telling you, there is not a degree out there that could help him earn more money than he was doing already, from the comfort of his dormitory.

He was making all of this money while studying full time... It was insane.

Now the sceptic in me still struggled to make any sense of this... Digital currencies, Crypto and Bitcoins, were words I had never even heard before in my life, yet alone knew how to spend them.

Yet part of me wondered what if?

Especially when he shown me how fast these coins values were growing.

His portfolio had seen a 27% increase since the previous week

Now my savings account was paying me a pathetic 0.5% interest rate, that wasn't even keeping up with inflation... Not that I had much savings at all, but you get what I'm saying.

I had so many questions flowing through my mind, yet had took up so much of his precious time already.

Eventually he turned around to me with a huge grin on his face and asked me do I want the Bitcoin or the cash?

As I mentioned before, I am naturally a sceptical person, but the invoice was for only £75 and at the back of my mind was that pressing thought... What if?

I decided to take the Bitcoin, but needed him to show me exactly how to set up a digital wallet so that I could receive the payment... sounds crazy right?

But I assure you that this is the future my friend, and it is simpler to comprehend than you could imagine, once it is explained to you.

After setting up my wallet and receiving the Bitcoin I asked him if he could send me an email containing resources, links, forums and as much information regarding crypto currency so that I could continue to learn more about this strange phenomenon.

He gave me his cell number and told me that I could message him any time I wanted.
Which I was entirely grateful for.

Before departing I had to ask him a very important question.

Why would he help me and tell me about such an incredible opportunity like this?

His answer was simple.

The more people invest in Bitcoin, the more its value increases, so helping me also helps him.

It made total sense.

I thanked him and we departed ways.

Arriving home that night my mind was in a whirl...

I have genuinely never ever seen an opportunity like this to generate money.

For the next few weeks, google and the most popular bitcoin forum were my best friends...

Every night after finishing work I would absorb myself into the crypto world... learning terminologies, the technology, the big players, the history of it, how and why it works and all sorts of things.

There was so much to take in that it can be very overwhelming.

However, I was still very reluctant to put my hard-earned cash into something I didn't know enough about, despite how much knowledge I had gained from it.

SoI failed to act for the first month...

With all that was going on I almost forgot about the wallet I had set up and the Bitcoin the student paid me with...  After all it was only £75 so I was not too excited.

When I logged into my digital wallet I saw there was almost £150 there... Well $190 in terms of the wallet currency.

I thought it must have been a mistake... I had doubled my money within 1 month with such a crazy low amount and without lifting a single finger.

I instantly sent the student an email, to tell him about it.

He replied back, that he told that I would thank him and also made a great point to me... If I doubled my money by just leaving it in a wallet for 4 weeks, how much would I have earnt if I was actively trading and investing in Crypto currencies.

That day set of a whole chain of events for me.

I decided to take the plunge and to start investing into Crypto Currencies

But I wasn't going to do it randomly and hope for the best...

I studied the markets intensely, discovered why some coins value increased, why some didn't... Discovered what block chains were, how they worked, how I can benefit and so on.

I really got into it, I was in several groups, forums, paid groups, signals services and anything that I could use to give me that competitive advantage, I did.

I studied the big boys in the industry, the guys who made millions annually.
I went to their seminars, webinars, workshops and bought all their products.

I wanted to be just like them and invested in myself to become the best crypto trader I could possibly be.

It paid off big time... especially as I started to document everything I did, what works, what doesn't, and then I systemised the information I got, so that I followed strict rules when trading and investing.

My system is almost flawless and covers everything needed to trade effectively and responsible in order to maximize your returns.

In my first week of playing with Crypto currency I was 42% up in a single week... yes 42%

After my first month I was earning an average of $6000 per week, but the profits were compounding like crazy.

Within 2 months I had quadrupled my initial investment. And was seeing returns of $18,000 a week or so.

But I knew this was still chump change, so I quit my job as a plumber and stepped it up big time.

I was now full time at this... My profits always kicked the butt out of my losses and my portfolio started to rise like crazy...

The more popular Bitcoin becomes, the more money I make. I felt invincible.

Ever since I got into Crypto currencies, Bitcoin has just gone from strength to strength.

Google search its growth for the last year right now and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Crypto currencies represent the biggest investment opportunities I have ever seen, the earning potential is unprecedented.

I genuinely believe we will never receive such an incredible opportunity for the average person to profit as much as this.

The reason for this is because it has not been controlled by Wall street yet.

They have yet to get their filthy hands on this industry and are unable to manipulate it so that the fat cats get fatter.

The best time to get into Crypto currencies is NOW!

Before it goes main stream.

We are not talking about a pathetic 5% annual returns here... or even a huge 20%,
We are talking about currency that can grow as much as 450% in a matter of days.

I have seen it, witnessed it and taken part in many trades like just this.

It is incredible

When I first started out my biggest fear was, am I too late? Did I miss the boat?

We are talking about a coin that's value was at $375 when I first came across it.

Today Bitcoin is at around $19,000

Can you imagine that?

1 coin at $375, then worth $19,000 just 3 years later.

And I luckily bought many coins over the years.

Again, Bitcoin is touted as being worth 100k within the next 3 years, and some predict even sooner.

Others believe 1 coin would be worth $1million one day.

All I know is that the growth is intense and a lot of people have become millionaires as a result of holding and trading crypto currencies.

As I mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is not the only currency out there capable of such growth... It is just the most popular known one.

There are currencies completely of the radar that are making its holders millions of dollars just by owning them.

Only people like me in the industry know about these.

Look, I honestly don't want to brag but I make a very substantial living from Crypto currencies.

Within my first year of going full time, I had made almost $740,000...

The 2nd year I became a multi-millionaire... and as for the last 12 months... Just Wow.

Again let me show you just 2 of my Crypto wallets.

I like to spread my risk and use multiple wallets.

You see there is one crucial step to trading Crypto that 95% of investors or traders just don't understand and fail to see.

It is the difference making millions or losing millions.

I find it so hard to believe it is so overlooked.

This small step is the reason like someone with no experience like you and I, can go on to make a significant living from crypto currencies.

It is the leveller for ordinary people like me and you.

When the news of my success from Crypto Currencies got out there, my family and friends hounded me to teach them how to make huge returns from Bitcoin.

Now remember what the student told me earlier... The more people who buy Bitcoin and Crpto-Currencies, the higher the values goes for the demand and the more money we make if you hold some.


So I decided to take the system I had developed, and to turn it into an out and out easy to follow step by step profits generating program.

So that my family and friends could follow my successful methods and also make money.

My cousin told me it was like him going back to school so that is why I decided to call it The Bitcoin University.

So I decided to take the system I had developed, and to turn it into an out and out easy to follow step by step profits generating program.

So that my family and friends could follow my successful methods and also make money.

My cousin told me it was like him going back to school so that is why I decided to call it The Bitcoin University.

The Bitcoin University
is a HUGE success.

ONLY $47

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned Crypto Currency trader, or a complete newbie it doesn't even know how to spell Bitcoin.

The program has been designed to take you from Day 1 to a successful Crypto Expert in the shortest time possible.

Remember, when I started out I knew nothing about Crypto Currencies and was able to build a million-dollar fortune.

I am sharing those very same methods I used publically for the first time.

This is not push-button software, that all the Internet sharks say will make you rich.

This is a real program developed by a millionaire Crypto-Currency trader with vast experience of how to trade and invest like a boss.

The best thing, I even had my own Signals Software developed that is based on my rules for entering and exiting successful trades.

I spent over $40,000 getting it developed and I am also giving access to it in The Bitcoin University.

In fact.

I have nothing to hide and think it is important that you know exactly what to expect inside The Bitcoin University and want to offer full transparency.


The course is provided in Video and PDF format. And comes with the game changing Signals Software.

The objective of the program, is to help you understand crypto-currency and to teach how to trade by using profitable strategies and signals software.

The Bitcoin University program consistsofin depth modules. Each module contains sub-sections and each category has easy to follow video tutorials, and eBook guides that show you exactly how I make so much money trading Bitcoin.

You will be given the full history of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies to increase your understanding.

We will also walk you through the following:

How awesome would it be to get Bitcoin for Free?

Well we also have a module one this, which teaches you:

Paid Options include: Where and How to buy crypto currency

Then we will get into the meat of the program. And cover the following topics in several modules:

And much more.

The Bitcoin University covers everything required to become a successful crypto expert

Which in turn gives you the cutting edge to take advantage of this new yet very lucrative investment market.

I will take you by the hand and expose you to the methods that have made me millions of dollars in such a short space of time.

The profit potential is insane.

I've traded coins that have given insane 500% returns in less than 24 hours ... because I know exactly when to get in and more importantly when to cash out.

The Bitcoin University program will teach you all this and a lot more.

I want to give you an incredible opportunity to change your life and increase your fortunes, and Crypto Currency could provide that.

The playing field has never been more level, where the average person can crush it and see such lucrative returns.

These are normally reserved for the huge Wall Street and London Stock Exchange traders.

Today, normal people like me are able to make millions from Bitcoin.

I will reveal all my secrets and everything I did to make my wealth inside The Bitcoin University.

Crypto-currency is truly revolutionary, and is responsible for creating many multi-millionaires and even billionaires

The crazy thing is, it is still a relatively untapped industry with less than 20 million people in the world even owning a digital wallet.

Once it goes main stream, the growth potential is frightening.

The more people buy the higher the price goes, and the more my investments increase, as I have witnessed over the last few years.

If you want to be a part of this then join The Bitcoin University today.

But like I mentioned earlier... This is not a get rich fast scheme, this is genuine opportunity to enter the Crypto world, get behind the scenes and learn exactly how a successful trader is generating his wealth.

How much would this be worth to you?

Remember... the signals software alone cost me over $40,000 to develop.

What price do you think should I put on it?

You will be surprised to know that I am giving you access to it for next to nothing.

I am NOT going to charge you a monthly fee to benefit from its profitable signals

As I mentioned before, the more people who get involved, the more we all benefit.

You will get full access to The Bitcoin University, which is my blueprint for success.

My family and friends told me I was crazy to give this away for virtually nothing and that I should charge at least $5000 to access my program and use my software.

I was tempted by their words, and was even considering charging an affordable $500.

But I genuinely make a hell of a lot of money from Crypto-Currencies, and after all the student never charged me a penny for his advice.

So here it is, I am going to give you complimentary access to The Bitcoin University and my trading software, and all I ask for you is to give me a one-time small admin fee to cover my costs for hosting the software and the Program.

I am NOT asking you to pay for the regular signals that you will receive from my $40,000 software, I am NOT asking you to pay me a membership fee to join the University program, and I am not asking you to charge your card monthly to become an insider.

You can only win from this situation, but I am 100% confident that you will never take up that option, because I make a lot of money each week from Crypto Currencies, and am revealing to you exactly how it is done.

So that being said.

Let me provisionally welcome you to The Bitcoin University.

This is your risk-free chance to shape your own future and get to the top.

Sign up, pay your small admin fee that is backed by a 60 day no questions asked refund policy and become a Bitcoin University Insider today.

See you on the inside.

ONLY $47
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